What Are The Duties Of A Family Law Attorney

How to Choose the Best Lawyer for You

Even if your case seems pretty straightforward, go to someone who has handled matrimonial cases before. You don’t need an attorney who works solely in that area, whose fees might be very high. But you do want someone who knows which papers have to be filed in which courthouse and who can take your case to trial if need be. Now is not the time to do your third cousin a favor by hiring her son, who was recently admitted to the bar.

Red Alert

Make sure you choose an attorney you can afford. Some lawyers want a large retainer, but their hourly rate is relatively low, or they have a junior attorney who can do some of the work at a lower hourly rate.If you want to hire a lawyer for only certain aspects of your divorce, you might prefer someone who specializes in unbundled services. If you have millions of dollars at stake, a legal powerhouse could be best for you

Some very competent matrimonial lawyers will tell you from the outset that they do not go to court. They might be very good negotiators, but if your case doesn’t settle, they will recommend another attorney, either in their firm or at another, to take over the case. For some people, that’s fine. Others prefer to have an attorney who will go the distance. Be sure to ask.

Your First Meeting

When you’re with an attorney for the first time, he or she will ask you for some background information about your situation. You should be told, briefly, how the laws work in your state and what that will mean for your own case. The lawyer can also tell you which court will handle your case. Is the court in your jurisdiction backlogged? Knowing this could determine your strategy in resolving your case—is it helpful to drag out the divorce or to end it quickly?

Fees and Billing

During this first consultation, the lawyer should also explain his or her fees. Does she take a retainer—a lump-sum payment—up front? That practice is common. As the lawyer works on your case, she subtracts an amount equal to her hourly rate from the sum you have prepaid. For example, if you paid Attorney Greenfield $1,000 and her hourly rate is $100, you would have bought 10 hours of work in advance. Most will quote a flat rate for the retainer

Tips for Choosing a Family Law Solicitor

When it comes to choosing a family solicitor where do you start? Well there are many ways, from phoning friends and family, to scouring the internet or even picking up the phone and speaking to one of the family law firms that advertise on the back of buses or at hoardings at the railway station.

Why it is so important to choose a family law solicitor that is right for you

Getting divorced or taking part in children or financial court proceedings is stressful. It is still going to be tough, whatever family law solicitor you chose. However, the process will be easier if you find a family law solicitor you can work with and feel comfortable instructing.

Questions to ask when choosing a family law solicitor

When you chose a family law solicitor, you are likely to be working with them for some time so it is important to choose with care. I deliberately say ‘’working with’’ as a family law solicitor should not tell you what to do. Instead, they should talk to you about what information is needed, assess your legal options, and help you make informed choices, whether that is a referral to mediation, the commencement of court proceedings or an agreed financial settlement.

Who will you be instructing?

That is not as stupid a question as it sounds. In some family law firms you may see a partner on the first meeting but not speak to them again as they will delegate the work to a junior solicitor or paralegal. That can be frustrating if you chose the firm based on the recommendation to an individual family solicitor or thought that the price quoted for the advice was based on an experienced senior solicitor carrying out all the work for you. Many family solicitors delegate work and normally it is in your interests that they do so, but you need to understand who will be helping you.

Is the solicitor a specialist?

Most people assume that a solicitor knows what they are doing but is your solicitor a specialist in family law. Do they do a bit of family law as well as property law and Wills? Nowadays professionals will specialise in one area of law. In large firms or niche family law firms, you will find solicitors that specialise in child law or child abduction or financial settlements or prenuptial agreements

What are the tips for hiring a Family Law Attorney?

Looking for a family lawyer is necessary when needing help with a case involving civil matters such as pre and post-nuptial agreements, divorce, child support, parental timesharing, mediation, modification, adoption, and bankruptcy. A lawyer specializing in these matters makes a big difference in obtaining the best outcome possible for his or her client. While it is true hiring a lawyer is costly, it is often true benefits exceed costs. To make sure you find the best Family Lawyer to handle your case, their area number of things to consider.

Probably the best way to be sure a lawyer is well suited to take Family Law cases is by listening to those who have used his or her services in the past. These persons can be family, friends, or persons writing reviews on a lawyer’s website. Also checking with the state bar association as to recommendations and any past discrepancies will give an idea as to the qualification of the lawyer under consideration.

In today’s computer world it is relatively easy to check a lawyer’s qualifications by going online and reading his or her website. This website should be well done and professional with pictures of the attorney, his or her guiding principles, and an overview of the services he or she provides.

Also. on the website should be additional information important in consideration of choosing the right Family Law Lawyer. You will want to know how long has he or she been in practice, what areas of practice are available, what awards have been given, what areas of community service are he or she involved in, and in what physical counties in the state of your residence does he or she represent clients,

Does he or she offer a free, initial consultation? This is vitally important as to truly consider a Family Law lawyer you need to meet him or her in person. You need to ask questions regarding your case as well as explain the particulars of your case. What is this lawyer like as a person? Do you feel comfortable with his or her personality? How will this lawyer communicate with you, will it be by phone, e-mail, or text? Does he or she have experience in mediations as in many states mediation is required before a court date can be set? Also, a lawyer’s attitude regarding mediation is important as settling a case in mediation costs the client a lot less in lawyer fees, and some lawyers don’t want this to happen

Tips For Choosing The Best Family Law Attorney

Family law involves one of the most important things in life family. And if it’s your family that is in need of legal help, you are particularly invested in getting the best legal help you can find. A family law attorney can assist you with a variety of matters, including divorce, adoption, and child custody. But how do you know which family law attorney is the right one for you? Also following are some tips on choosing the best family law attorney that best fits the family’s needs.

Referrals from friends and family

The first thing to do when looking for a family law attorney is to ask close friends and family for references. Most people need to use an attorney at least once in their lives, and chances are you know some of those people. Ask neighbors or colleagues for recommendations. Maybe you are considering filing for a divorce. Ask any close friends who have been through a divorce if they liked the attorney they worked with.


Once you have narrowed down your list to two or three attorneys, consider setting up an initial consult. Some attorneys offer the first consult at no charge. Ask each family law attorney that you call if they offer the first consult free. Even if the consult isn’t free, it may be worth paying some money to find an attorney who is the right fit.

Ask Question that assists to make a decision

Before your first consult, write down any questions you may have, so you don’t forget anything. Ask the family law attorney if he has handled a case like yours before and how many years he has been working with such cases. Ask him about his legal strategy. Ask him about his fees and the fees of any paralegals or legal assistants he works with. Explain your case to him and ask him how the case will proceed and what he feels the outcome will be. As you do this, you will able to discern which lawyer will best fill your needs.

Choosing The Best Divorce Lawyer or Family Law Attorney

Finding the right attorney can be a challenging exercise. There are many good and ethical divorce attorneys who would be happy to represent you, but there are also many who don’t keep up to date with the law, don’t care much about your personal needs and/or charge too much. No matter how straightforward your case, it will likely move faster and be easier if you have a competent attorney to oversee it from beginning to end.

Don’t go around asking your friends or family for the most cutthroat litigation-happy divorce attorney they have ever heard of. Don’t employ an attorney who badmouths his/her colleagues and who tells you that you can get whatever you want out of your spouse if you just fight for it and that your spouse will pay all the costs of the divorce including yours. Rather search for an attorney who will represent your interests, whether that means fighting it out in court or making sure you get a fair settlement. Ask your divorced friends or family members whether they liked their attorneys, and why. Find an attorney who will treat both you and your spouse with respect and who considers the welfare of your children as his/her top priority.

Your attorney cannot manage your case without your help. Because divorce deals primarily with children and financial issues, you need to provide your attorney with all the information he/she requires to be able to deal with your case in a constructive manner. As a client you need to be calm, coherent and reasonable. Working with an attorney takes some patience, and you must remember that your attorney has other responsibilities and other cases that may be more pressing at certain times. It doesn’t mean, however, that your questions or concerns should be ignored, but you have to be realistic in your expectations.

It is up to you personally to convey the seriousness of your concerns, but if you call daily with the same concern, your attorney may not respond as fast as you want him/her to. You don’t want to involve your attorney in every disagreement you have with your spouse or every conflict that occurs in exercising your rights with regards to your children. If your attorney has a legal secretary or paralegal or associate, try to speak to him/her. Although these professionals are generally not able to give you the same advice, they may be able to answer basic questions or reach your attorney to get an answer

Time is money in the legal profession, and the more time you spend with your attorney, the more it will cost you. That is why it is so important to approach meetings or phone calls in an organised way. Think about your questions or issues in advance, and list them to discuss with your attorney.