Points To Remember While Planning For Residential Cleaning

Reasons Why Franchising Is an Attractive Option for Entrepreneurs

When you look at some of the things that entrepreneurs want out of a new business, you will see that the franchise model offers many of these things. Are franchisees entrepreneurs? Get the answer to that question—and more—below.

6 Reasons Franchising Attracts So Many Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur magazine put together a list of steps that first-time entrepreneurs need to take immediately to thrive.

The list includes steps like networking to connect with peers and finding the most effective methods of marketing and operating within your industry.

Franchises provide a ready-made business model

The article goes on to emphasize the importance of finding a functional business model that caters to the kinds of products and services that customers want, both now and in the future.

With Fully Promoted you’re getting the highest brand equity as a promotional marketing partner for all kinds of businesses. Furthermore, the promotional products industry is booming, generating tens of billions of dollars annually.

Franchises keep your skills sharp

In the Entrepreneur article mentioned above, first-time entrepreneurs are also encouraged to focus on continuing education in the form of mentorships, workshops, and seminars to keep their current skills razor-sharp and stay synced with industry best practice.

Guess what? All of the things just mentioned are offered by the franchise model in general and Fully Promoted in particular. Fully Promoted has partnered with the United Franchise Group for even more support, which means marketing and technical support are always available to franchisees.

Franchises have a recession-proof business model

Like everybody else, entrepreneurs are concerned about maximizing their potential return and minimizing risk. Know that there’s an inherent risk reduction and quicker time to market when you go with franchising—and many franchises are virtually recession proof.

Fully Promoted is likely such a franchise since it operates in a B2B environment with a robust customer base to weather almost any economic conditions.

Think about it: All businesses need signs and promotional materials to get customers’ attention. In fact, businesses arguably invest in marketing collateral more heavily when there’s a slowdown in business because they’re trying to bring in more customers!

Online ordering and around-the-clock access to your Fully Promoted business means that you win with other businesses.

Lower Startup Costs

Starting a new business from the ground up can be incredibly expensive. If you’ve got cash in the bank or have access to substantial loans, that won’t be a problem. Most entrepreneurs, especially when they’re starting out, don’t have access to that kind of money.

When you buy a business franchise, you’ll have fewer costs up front in many cases. Not all franchises are inexpensive, but in general, they are cost-effective investments.

Easier Financing

Almost everybody needs a little help when starting a business. Even if you have cash, using all of your own money may not be a wise move when you’re trying to get into business for yourself.

When you choose a business franchise instead of starting a company from the ground up, you’ll find that financing is often much easier to get through traditional banks. Many banks don’t want to take a chance on new small businesses, but a well-known franchise is a much safer bet for lenders.

Starting with a business franchise is a foot in the door and may help you expand down the road as an entrepreneur.

Name Recognition

A new business is exactly that to potential customers—new. When you start a business franchise, you’ll have the name recognition of an existing company. That can go a long way for a business owner.

When you have immediate name recognition, you’ll start with a built-in customer base that you can grow. You’ll also have the assumed trust of many customers because they know what to expect based solely on the sign outside.

You’ll still need to market and help your franchise grow in your area, but having the initial name recognition can be a huge asset for entrepreneurs who know how to promote their companies.

The Best Way To Get Clients For A Cleaning Business

Time for You domestic cleaning provides franchise owners with a shed load of support when it comes to marketing and promotions (more on that below)! However, to put your mind at rest on the topic of how to make a cleaning business successful, here are a few golden tips we’re happy to share.

Be Strategic & Organised

One of the important answers to the question “How to make a cleaning business successful?” is to use a Marketing Plan, but be ready to be spontaneous and grab hold of opportunities that come your way.

Having a plan helps to ensure that you keep up a steady flow of business promotion, such as regular email campaigns, leaflet distribution and “meet and greet” activities at places where parents gather.

A plan also keeps you focused, and helps you choose the right opportunities.

Two of the dangers when it comes to marketing a small business are not doing enough promotion, or doing it in all the wrong places, soaking up cash!

That’s not to say you can’t deviate from the plan when a good idea presents itself – such as a chance to hand out leaflets at a meeting, or a small ad in the school programme. Just make sure to return to that plan afterwards.

Don’t Underestimate Social Media!

The biggest weapon these days is a mobile phone! The vast majority of people have one, and use it to shop, comment, share, research and entertain themselves. You must have a strong profile across multiple social media channels to specifically promote your domestic cleaning business. if you can get happy clients to comment and review you, you’ll attract new customers faster than you can say jackpot!

Professional Help With Marketing A Cleaning Business

This may sound a lot to accomplish as you work from home managing your domestic cleaning franchise. The good news is, Time for You simplifies the process and provides free support every step of the way. This includes supplying our happy network of franchise owners with ready-made Marketing Plans to follow. You’ll never do any cleaning; and you can talk to any of our current franchise owners first so you know exactly what joining our team will bring you!

Know what you’re buying: 

The first step in reducing cleaning supply costs is to know and evaluate exactly what you are purchasing now. Some items are purchased that are not being used. You may also discover that you are purchasing more than one cleaning solution that is used for the same task. As we will discuss next, it is important to consolidate these items and minimize the number of items being purchased overall. That way you can keep better track of purchases.

Product consolidation: Traditionally, cleaning solutions were developed for a specific cleaning purpose. However, we now have many cleaning solutions that can multi-task. Eliminating all the “single task” cleaning solutions will not only help eliminate redundancies, which will result in a cost savings, but by selecting one product and purchasing it in larger quantities, you will likely be able to take advantage of rebates and product discounts.

What are the keys to making $100k with your cleaning business?

Keep the business small! That’s right, you may think you need 3 cleaners per house and do volume work for the best price, undermining the competition. That is typical and many cleaning services fall prey to this difficult path. That is a race to the bottom and a hell realm as well. The complexity and chaos that comes with running a volume cleaning service with 100 plus contracts it is not worth the stress in my experience. With residential cleaning all you need is yourself and two helpers to make the maximum profit for the minimum effort. See the Clean Up Now System to learn how.

Network, network, network.

Never rest. Don’t make the mistake of thinking once you have 30 steady clients you are all set. No! Now you want to inch up that price for all current clients and future clients. You do this by always keeping your pipeline full. High demand, high price. Always be marketing and networking your business even if you are booked up, especially if you are booked up.

Maximize profits on each client

This is simple and should be an obvious tactic, but hardly anyone does it. Offer other related services to your clients. They are already attached to you and need you on a regular basis. You do not have to find them, they are yours. It greatly simplifies their lives if there are other services you and your team can do for them during the same visit. See Clean Up Now System.